Analisis Daya yang Dihasilkan Turbin Angin Tipe Windmill pada Sistem Aerasi Tambak Udang

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Bolo Dwiartomo
Ayi Ruswandi


The Windmil type of Wind Turbine has been developed for aeration system in shrimp developing farm for keeping oxygen concentration equal or above 4 ppm. Wind Turbine would be combined with 2 kW Compressor in order to reduce electric utilities. There are wind energy potential in the location whose wind speed in the range of 0.14 – 8.33 m/s. Six parallel air pumps were attached to wind turbine with stroke length 4 cm. From measurement result Tip Speed Ratio (TSR) 0.9 and Coefficient of Performance 0.31. From this number the power of wind turbine would be defined as 2.2mW – 462 W. If those turbined was combined with 2 kW compressor, electrical utilities would be reduce until 23% for each turbine


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Nuryanti, Dwiartomo, B., & Ruswandi, A. (2019). Analisis Daya yang Dihasilkan Turbin Angin Tipe Windmill pada Sistem Aerasi Tambak Udang . Jurnal Teknologi Dan Rekayasa Manufaktur , 1(1), 47-58.


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